a revolutionary solar system


Solarcode is a revolutionary solar system that maximizes the rays of the sun for producing vast amounts of energy.

Our unique and Superior system produces completely battery free energy storage for up to 6 months with less than a 10% energy loss.

With extremely few moving parts it gives our system low exposure risk for mechanical failures as well as minimum maintenance and costly repairs

The clever design of the Solarcode system makes up to a 133 Kilowatts per/h of direct energy while simultaneously stores 200 Kilowatts per/h into the eco-friendly storage tank.

A total of 330 Kilowatts per/h with as little as 1000sq/meters as a footprint.

Wasted Resources used as Fuel

NGL Pro turns flaring gas to revenue

A great example of using resources that are going to waste are flaring. MW after MW are burnt into the atmosphere. This gas can instead be used as fuel in our mobile solutions, without the need of refinement, producing energy to be used in the process, or sold back to the grid.

Our Inresol Stirling engine powered solution can burn these residual gases and generate electricity and heat.

No need for fuel refinement

Our Stirling powered engine can be powered by sewage, landfill, and biogas. With methane level lower than 40%

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